AMDi is a dynamic global consulting company that provides management and marketing solutions to businesses, government agencies, multi-lateral institutions, foundations, and nonprofit organizations.  We develop and implement customized strategies that take clients to the next level by expanding its multicultural business environment.

AMDi is also a catalyst for linking companies, organizations and individuals to capital, human resources, and/or support needed to launch new ventures or expand existing projects or enterprises.  Our goal is to create synergies and develop strategies that lead to results. 

Our principals and consultants are recognized nationally and internationally for work in their respective fields.  They have been featured in international media such as CNN Moneyline, The Today Show, The Washington Post, BBC News, Fortune Magazine, The Economist, Voice of America, Agence France-Presse, National Geographic Television, Oxygen TV, Foreign Exchange With Fareed Zakaria, UN Chronicle, and more.

Our strong commitment to providing quality service, obtaining results, and incorporating social responsibility in our approach has attracted a diverse range of projects.  AMDi offers expertise for clients in multiple sectors including Business Services, Government, Technology, Media & Entertainment, Finance, Education, Construction, Telecommunications, Retail & Consumer Products, Health, Transportation, and Travel/Tourism.

With offices in the Washington, D.C., New York City, and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, as well as Middle East and Central Asia presence through Dubai, U.A.E. and Kabul, Afghanistan, our clients benefit from our multi-cultural business expertise and global network. 

If there is an opportunity, AMDi can develop a solution and strategy for success. 

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